«Stamps Atlantis»   Series # 131
Cosmos. Extraterrestrial animals (Part 2).

Stamps Atlantis - Series # 131 - Cosmos. Extraterrestrial animals (Part 2)

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In our galaxy there are billions of stars. These stars have their planets. Many of them have suitable living conditions. Perhaps on some planets there is life. Extraterrestrial animals - what kind they? They differ from our earthly ones. But they can have similarities - head, trunk, limbs, organs. In the future, the inhabitants of the Earth will necessarily open such planets and study extraterrestrial life forms.

The names of animals are fictitious.
  1.  Skewer.
  2.  Eosapien.
  3.  Daggerwrist.
  4.  Bladderhorn.
  5.  Rugose-Floater.
  6.  Marine Xenomorph.
  7.  Emperor Sea-Strider.
  8.  Reptilsapien.
  9.  Beach-Loper.