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«Stamps Atlantis»

This is a new interesting project. We create not postage stamps,
in the style of ART. Colorful superblocks on different topics.

Three friends, decided to try to make alternative similarity stamps. These products do not fall into the category of postal stamps. Firstly, they do not have cash equivalent. Secondly, they do not belong to any country of the world. At its core, they perform only the function of collectibles.

Our first samples were simple and imperfect. Over time, the improved design and quality stamps. With the increase in the number of plots, the number of stamps increased to 18 pieces, and the block size amounted a normal sheet of paper. Great attention was paid to the careful selection of plots in each series. We do not set ourselves the task to cover absolutely all types of military and civilian equipment, but a very large number of different plots adorn these wares. As a result, have turned an interesting super-blocks stamps.

Many of our friends philately have shown great interest in these products and have been asking from us. Friends of our friends are also interested and approached us. Then it was decided to create for all the: International Philately Club
«Stamps Atlantis»

Why Atlantis? Because this mythical country from past surrounded by a halo of mystery and riddles. Plots of stamps our super-blocks allow travel in time, both in the past and in the future.

Themes of our super-blocks diverse. This military and civil technics: aircrafts, ships, tanks, cars, space, animals, fantasy. They reflect the different time periods: early, World War I, World War II, post-war, modern and future.

We hope that the colorful design of each series and the careful selection of topics, satisfy the most demanding of collectors. The proposed super-blocks may be interesting objects collectibles, both beginners and experienced collectors.

If you like our super-blocks, tell us about them to their friends, share information in social networks or on forums philately. Add our site to your bookmarks.

All the super-blocks are manufactured on a standard-size paper A4 (210x297 mm). Paper white chalky 110 g/cm, non-gumming (without glue layer). Printing digital. Perforation tabular, size perforation 10, diameter 1,2 mm. For convenience, it is recommended to store super-blocks in ordinary office files.

Series # 1-100 will be deleted. In the future they will be published in a compact and recycled form.

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International Philately Club - «Stamps Atlantis».
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